Valuation is simply the determination of the worth of an interest in an asset. The valuations are carried in conformity with the International Valuation Standards.

Nile Real Appraisers (EA) Ltd are professional Valuers, qualified to undertake the valuation of all types of properties in Kenya, and east Africa in general for various purposes. The properties may include:-

  • Real Estate (Residential, Commercial, Industrial buildings/plots);
  • Equipment, Plant, and machinery (Industrial, Aviation, commercial, Marine, Agricultural and domestic);
  • Furniture, Furnishings and fittings;
  • Businesses (Going Concerns);
  • Shares, Debentures and Stock in Trade;
  • Biological;
  • Environmental;
  • Intangible assets (Goodwill, Brand)

The valuations are done for various purposes which include:-

  • Sales and Purchases;
  • Mortgage/Loan Security;
  • Compulsory Acquisition by government and public bodies;
  • Insurance;
  • Compensation and Litigation;
  • Liquidation;
  • Auction Sale or Reserve Price determination;
  • Financial Reporting/Book Purposes;
  • Taxation purposes;
  • Conservation;
  • Stamp duty;
  • Extension of leases;

Nile Real provides comprehensive and professional valuation service, from taking instructions, visiting the property, verifying Titles and other documentations as may be appropriate, through to completing and submitting to the client a detailed Property Valuation Report. The valuation reports are tailor-made to meet the client’s requirements and will typically include photographs of the property, an analysis of the market, and reasoned explanation backing up the valuation arrived at.

At Nile Real, our objective is to provide the client with a document of real value and substance that is informative, clearly written, and based on in-depth knowledge of the local property market and the wider national/international issues that might affect the property value.

Our property management division is headed by qualified property managers with vast experience and in-depth knowledge in property management services.

Real estate ownership is everyone’s dream especially where such translates into a regular income through rent. However, this translates into hordes of problems dealing with tenants with never ending demands and who reluctantly pay the monthly rent. Our endeavor is to ensure that the property owner enjoys his income without being involved in the day to day running of the property. In property management services we undertake the following on the behalf of the landlord:-

  • Tenants selection;
  • Draw and execute tenancy agreements and leases ensuring that the interest of the landlord is secured;
  • Lease administration to ensure adherence to the terms;
  • Prompt responses to tenant problems;
  • Repairs and maintenance;
  • Undertake regular and thorough inspections of the premises;
  • Review rents and tenancy conditions periodically;
  • Advise clients on the prevailing market conditions;
  • Selection of suitable service providers and their supervision;
  • Collect rent and avoid accumulation of arrears;
  • Negotiate, renew, execute and register leases;
  • Recruit & station a property manager on site;
  • Administer service charge and provide audited accounts.
  • Settlement of operation costs including payments of service providers, Land rent, rates, insurance premiums, and outstanding utilities;
  • Preparation of periodic management reports;
  • Preparation of property budgets;

Our property management services include facility management to organizations which prefer to outsource non-core businesses such as maintenance of their rented premises, dealing with landlords, property services and supervision of refurbishments amongst others.

Real estate agency involves selling, sourcing of properties on behalf of buyers, letting and acquiring of sites for various uses including setting up of BTM Masts, Automated Teller Machines, branches et cetra.

Giving your property the exposure it deserves to find quality tenants or to sell for the right price requires enormous commitment. Nile Real endeavors to give our clients property exposure to our pool of high-quality tenants and buyers thus disposing the property faster and at a better price.

Our work as Estate agents involves:

  • On-site marketing via signboards and banners;
  • Media marketing through newspapers, magazines, and other publications;
  • Internet marketing through our property websites;
  • Facilitating site visits;
  • Identification and vetting of potential tenants/buyers;
  • Finalizing sale / rental of the property on best terms;
  • Follow-through of all deals including liaison with third parties such as Advocates;

Real Estate investment is a capital intensive investment and more often than not financiers and business partners are involved. Such an investment would require a well thought out model with the input of professionals to ensure that the development is effectively the highest and the best user for maximized returns. Nile Real prepares well researched feasibility/viability studies spelling out the various alternatives that are available and the most viable one. Our feasibility studies are complete with costs, achievable sale prices, and cash flows that enable developers to budget and plan for additional financing if required.

Nile Real offers consultancy services on property matters in East Africa, principally aimed at real estate investors seeking to maximize the potential of their investments. We utilize our knowledge of the local market to help clients achieve their goals.

An important element of the consultancy brief is often the putting together of the right team for a particular project – e.g. land surveyor, architect, lawyer; and in identifying sources of finance.