Welcome to Nile Real Appraisers (EA) Limited a real estate consultancy company offering competitive services to our clients throughout East Africa. Our business is real estate consultancy which includes:-

  1. Property valuation
  2. Property management
  3. Real estate agency
  4. Feasibility studies
  5. General real estate consultancies;

Our team boasts of highly qualified directors with wide range of experience in the various fields in real estate consultancy throughout the east African region, supported by qualified and specialist professionals. To this end we are an equal opportunity employer and boasts of a progressive social welfare program.

KENYA is an East African country which is popular for her tourism destinations and prowess of her Athletes. Her population is about 40 million with her capital city being Nairobi which is popularly known as ‘the green city in the sun’.

Interestingly, the real estate industry has been a booming business in the last decade especially within the capital city and its suburbs. The trend is also witnessed in the major towns of Mombasa along the Indian Ocean, Kisumu at the shores of Lake Victoria, and Eldoret within the Great Rift Valley. The trend is also similar, though to a smaller scale in the other towns.

The foreseeable future is indeed very bright for this industry. The 47 counties have in no doubt increased housing demand besides the opening up of hitherto small towns. In addition, the construction of the proposed Lamu Port complete with the railway and oil pipelines to South Sudan; will be some of the key drivers of the real estate industry in the next few years.

Nile Real Appraisers (EA) Limited is incorporated in Kenya under the company’s Act besides its directors being Full Members of the Institution of Surveyors, registered and practicing Valuers and real estate agents. The company has positioned itself as a professional real estate firm with the ability to assist and guide individuals, organizations and companies as they seek to engage in real estate. Our goal is to offer personalized professional counsel to our clients as we endeavor to quality and tailor made solutions.

South Sudan is the newest state in Africa having attained her independence in July 2011. Her population is about 8 Million people and the capital city is Juba within central equatorial state. The country potential is high and yet to be exploited. The country is rich in Oil Reserves and other natural minerals besides the expansive land and River Nile with high potential of a large agri-based industry.

The real estate industry is in its formative stages with foreigners acquiring land for investment from locals on short to midterm leases of between 10 to 30 years. The country especially its capital city and the states’ capitals face a huge housing deficit contributing to high rents in the existing units and also a booming hotel industry.

Nile Real has since Year 2009 partnered with the existing banks to offer professional valuation services to investors seeking loans and other facilities with the banks. We have expanded our services to include property management, feasibility studies, business valuations, plant and machinery valuation and real estate agency services.

The East African region has witnessed tremendous growth in the last decade, in most cases recording growth rates of more than 5%. The real estate industry has been growing in reaps and bounds and is forecasted to continue in the foreseeable future. Nile Real is proud to be associated with the growth through our professional services to ours various clients across the following countries:-

  • Uganda;
  • Rwanda;
  • Burundi;
  • Tanzania;